Environmental policy of the company


Eco-Spectrum assumes responsibility for the development of the environmental aspect of the operation of incinerator installations. You can be confident of our equipment:

• Eco-Spectrum guarantees compliance with environmental norms and standards;

• Technology of waste and waste gases neutralization after waste neutralization has been approved by a positive conclusion of the state expertise of the federal agency of Rosprirodnadzor;

• Specialists regularly carry out analyses of the ash obtained after waste disposal, and conduct tests of equipment for emissions at customers' operating sites on a regular basis;

• Incinerators are designed in compliance with gas afterburning chambers and filtration systems to acquire environmentally friendly emissions.

Environmental benefits of thermal neutralization and waste disposal

1. Reduces the amount of waste  — Incinerators are able to reduce the amount of waste by 95% and reduce the amount of solid waste by 80-85%, depending on the components in the solid waste. Therefore, although incinerators do not completely dispose of landfills, they undoubtedly reduce the amount of land needed for this.

Production of thermal and electrical energy

2. Production of thermal and electrical energy — It is possible to use heat and energy produced from thermal neutralization and waste disposal plants to generate electricity needed to heat homes and businesses in areas near the plant.

3. Pollution reduction —  Solid waste incineration plants pollute the environment to a lesser extent than landfills. The study showed that more greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, dioxins, hydrocarbons and non-methane organic compounds are released at the landfill. Toxic chemicals entering the groundwater are also leached out of landfills by atmospheric precipitation, thereby polluting groundwater systems.

4. Savings in waste transportation Incineration plants can be located near cities or (in a mobile version) delivered to the place of waste accumulation. Therefore, the waste does not have to be transported long distances for disposal thus significantly reducing the cost of transportation; the money can then be spent on the welfare of the community and maintaining the development of the city or district. In addition, it curtails the amount of harmful gases emitted by vehicles during transportation, thereby dramatically reducing the overall carbon footprint.

5. Provides better control over odor and noise — There is no smoke and odor when burning waste on our incinerators, since the automation of thermal processes, which is provided by the software of measuring equipment, prevents excessive smoke or gas formation. The volume of the afterburning chamber allows you to hold the gas for 2 seconds and neutralize it at high temperatures, unlike landfills and dumping grounds where waste can rot forming landfill gas, emitting unpleasant odors and prompting air pollution. The formation of methane in landfills can lead to combustion and fires. Smoke from natural fires in landfills is much more dangerous. Machinery is constantly working in landfills: Compactors and bulldozers create noise that spreads for kilometers. The incinerator unit works almost silently.

6. Prevention of landfill gas formation — Methane is formed in landfills, which, if not collected, enters the atmosphere, causing further global warming. Unlike landfills, incinerators do not produce methane, which makes them safer.

7. Eliminates harmful microbes, viruses, infections and neutralizes chemicals — Incinerators operate at very high temperatures, which destroy microbes and harmful chemicals. Thus, it is a very effective method of disposal of medical waste, pesticides, herbicides and other hazardous waste.

8. Incinerators work in any weather — Another advantage of waste incinerators is that they can function in any weather, in any field conditions, without water, electricity, which makes the installation autonomous. For example, during the rainy season, waste is not easy to place at a landfill, rain can wash toxic chemicals into the ground and, consequently, create a filtrate, thus polluting groundwater, as well as neighboring land.

Environmental aspect in industrial production

Eco-Spectrum Rotary-type incinerators make it possible to neutralize highly toxic waste from production and industrial enterprises associated with oil production and refining. This category of waste includes oil sludge, drilling sludge, industrial waste - worn rubber products, filters, propylene bags, etc.

The technology of destruction of harmful waste and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, developed in our company, practically reduces to zero the negative impact of the oil industry on the environment.

Internal Corporate Policy

Eco-Spectrum's environmental policy begins within the company. We believe that before teaching others to protect the environment, it is necessary start with ourselves. We promote a careful attitude to natural resources. We use light, paper and water sparingly. All waste generated during production (i.e containers) are recycled. Mini-boxes for collecting used batteries are installed in the offices. к, например, тара) идут на переработку. В офисах установлены мини-боксы для сбора использованных элементов питания.

Participation in environmental events

Eco-Spectrum regularly participates in environmental events, where it willingly shares its experience and its achievements in the field of technologies for thermal neutralization and disposal of hazardous waste. For example, at the all-Russian forum in Gelendzhik "Clean Russia", at the conference of regional operators, Eco-Spectrum presented a report on "Thermal disposal as a comprehensive measure to solve the problem of waste disposal". The Eco-Spectrum company took an active part in the Southern Environmental forum, during which it held a number of business meetings with organizations working in the field of waste disposal services, and also discussed environmental issues at the level of the regional administration. Our company has earned the trust of environmental organizations, is a frequent guest of round tables, a speaker and a participant in discussions on ecology. Eco-Spectrum invests a lot of work in the formation of public consciousness on the issue of environmental waste disposal.

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