Policy in the field of labour protection and health of ECO-SPECTRUM LLC

The management of ECO-SPECTRUM LLC undertakes to demonstrate commitment to the principles of the concept of zero injuries, ensuring the allocation of the necessary resources, as well as the creation of conditions for the implementation of the stated obligations and accepts responsibility for the implementation of this Policy.

Environmental policy of ECO-SPECTRUM LLC

The principal goal of the environmental policy of ECO-SPECTRUM LLC in carrying out its production activities is to minimize the burden on the environment by reducing emissions (discharges) of pollutants into the environment and reducing the generation of production and consumption waste, as well as maintaining a favorable environment for present and future generations.

Quality policy of ECO-SPECTRUM LLC

The principal goal of ECO-SPECTRUM quality policy is the production of reliable neutralization and recycling equipment, waste sorting complexes, gas cleaning systems and industrial hot water boilers, taking into account the individual requirements of the customer.