Geotherm hot water boilers catalogue



    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WGB (P)
    from 630 to 58200 kW
    natural gas
    diesel fuel

    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WGB (3P)
    from 250 to 15,000 kW
    natural gas
    diesel fuel

    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WGB (V)
    from 40000 to 68900 kW
    natural gas
    diesel fuel

    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WMB
    from 630 to 35000 kW
    fuel oil
    natural gas

    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WGB(FP)

    ЭкоСпектрум - GEOTHERM WGB(F3P)

How to buy the right industrial hot water boiler at the best price?

When choosing a hot water boiler for the construction of a boiler house, it is necessary to consider a number of interrelated factors and criteria. You can contact our experts so they could help you in choosing a heat unit.

This is not only about saving time, but also about an accurate calculation of thermal equipment, which will help you choose the optimal power of the boiler, the type of fuel and other design features. The principal task of the hot water boiler (the manufacturer’s price for hot water boilers is always more favorable than the intermediary’s ones) is fast and effective heating of high volume of water. The coolant, heated to a certain temperature, is used to supply objects with hot water, house heating, operational building and household outbuildings.

To buy a hot water boiler at a good price, you need to calculate the number of consumers, consider the power reserve and other individual characteristics. The efficiency of such equipment directly depends on the design of the unit and the accurate calculation.

How does a modern industrial hot water boiler work?

A cross functional hot water boiler is a myth, so lots of manufacturers offer their customers an individual selection of a heating unit. Only a full calculation will avoid problems in operation and avoid excessive fuel consumption.

Despite a number of differences between the hot water boilers presented in our catalog, all models operate according to the general principle: the combustion of the fuel leads to the heating of the coolant to the required temperature, and it transfers heat to consumers through pipelines. According to the type of fuel, hot water boilers are distinguished:

  • Natural gas
  • Diesel
  • Fuel oil

The design features of pipe hot water boilers differ depending on the type of fuel and the burners.

Industrial hot water boilers of our production perfectly cope with the declared characteristics. If you want to learn more about the calculation and installation of thermal equipment, our specialists will be happy to provide you with all necessary details.

The production of the boiler is performed in accordance with international standards and quality, all manufactured equipment is provided with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Russian-made hot water boilers from Eco-Spectrum have proven themselves in operation, and an individual approach to each client allows us to meet any customer requirements at minimal cost.

The heat carrier is water, which heats up to 150 degrees. Under normal conditions, water would turn into steam at the temperature of 100 degrees, but industrial hot water boilers maintain excessive pressure in the unit, which prevents water from boiling and prevents air from entering the heat exchanger pipelines.

Each item in our catalogue is a modern hot water boiler with the necessary set of functions for efficient and safe operation at your facility.

What kind of industrial hot water boilers we offer?

The catalogue of hot water boilers represents a wide range of hot water boilers. We produce industrial type heating units for heating and hot water production, including high-capacity hot water boilers that can heat an entire city or factory. You can buy an industrial hot water boiler (gas, diesel or fuel oil) at a best price.

If you know exactly what equipment is ideal for a particular facility, all that remains is to buy a hot water boiler at the manufacturer’s price from our catalogue. Professional consultations are always available for clients who need calculation and help with the choice.

How much does a hot water boiler cost for your production? The answer to this question requires a closer examination of the source data. Discuss the details with our managers and receive several offers for industrial hot water boilers at once. Our website presents single-pass, two-pass and three-pass boilers that run on natural gas, diesel and fuel oil.

Benefits of working with industrial hot water boilers?

The best hot water boilers are presented in our catalogue and possess the following advantages:

  • Minimum hydraulic resistance;
  • Long service life;
  • Simple and convenient service;
  • Simple operation and automation for workflow management.

A modern hot water boiler for your boilerhouse is the key to efficient and safe operation of the factory. Make the right choice with Eco-Spectrum heat units today, we will help you choose the number and size of boilers according to the given heat loads!