Eco-Spectrum was founded in 2011. Since then, with the development and improvement of the manufacturing technology of high-temperature installations, the product sales market has expanded. During its work, the Eco-Spectrum has gained tremendous experience in the design and manufacture of thermal equipment and gas purification systems. Currently, the company offers three types of equipment: incinerators of the VOLKAN and HURIKAN series, hot water boilers of the BIOTHERM and GEOTHERM series, as well as industrial gas purification systems of the TYPHOON series. The company has patents for the invention of №2735825, №203231, №203911, №202486. All products have the required licenses and certificates, and comply with the national European CE standard.

In 2018, the company was certified according to ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, which confirms the high quality of management. Eco-Spectrum LLC which regularly confirms its professional competence in the industrial production industry, is a recognized industry leader according to the results of the All-Russian Business Rating in 2017, 2019 and 2020. The company has been awarded many certificates and diplomas for participation in specialized exhibitions and scientific conferences. Only certified materials are used in production and only high-quality raw materials from Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Great Britain are used in the manufacturing process.


The engineering and technical resource of the company allows us to implement complex tasks in a full production cycle: The area of the main production covers more than 5,000 m2 comprising more than 200 pieces of machinery and equipment, and employing more than 80 people. The timing of production and the quality of products is a priority of the company, and the availability of its own facilities allows us to generate reasonable prices for the end consumer.

Working with professionals across the world.

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    Full and complete customer satisfaction: The company seeks to earn the trust and sustainable preference for their products in order to maintain stable quality alongside environmental improvement and efficiency.


    Eco-Spectrum philosophy expresses our approach to all participants in our business: To consumers, partners, employees and the global community. Our business philosophy relies on three key concepts: Professionalism, Development, Responsibility.


    Eco-Spectrum is a developer and manufacturer of equipment for integrated waste management. It is a leading domestic manufacturer in the industrial equipment sector executing disposal and disposal of waste in the Russian Federation market.

We abandoned the production of brick linings despite their cheap cost and began to introduce complex technologies for direct locational concrete casting, in which we initially choose a complex production path. However, only 2-3 years ago, most of the manufacturers began to think about changing technologies and shifted from brick to concrete. Fortunately, long experience has made us experts in the production of linings of any complexity and configurations and allowed us to obtain high quality products.
For the transparency of work with the Customer, we produce test incineration of specific “unpopular” waste of the Customer. This is crucial to determine the features of the “behavior” of the waste in each particular case and to determine the capacity of the installation on a specific waste at a specific temperature.
We are focused on an integrated approach to our business, in which the customer is our top priority. Ahead of many competitors in comprehending the future needs of customers, we forecast potential demand, so in 2013 our company began to obtain all the necessary permits to facilitate the client's participation in passing the examinations that were required to obtain licenses for the destruction and disposal of waste. At the moment we have the most extensive package of permits for the use of our equipment.
The staff of Eco-Spectrum – Eco-Spectrum comprises more than 80 employees, 19 of them are engineering staff. All employees are certified specialists who constantly improve their skills.