Each project, each solution, both in terms of design and technology, undergoes a multi-stage comprehensive analysis before implementation. Our specialists check the technology of equipment operation on computational models using software systems that have successfully proven themselves all over the world. The choice of the optimal solution takes place not only from the point of view of the processes occurring in the equipment, but also taking into account the best ergonomics. At the next stage, all the design and technological documentation necessary for manufacturing is issued, after which experienced teams of workers led by craftsmen and under the supervision of specialists from the technical control department bring to life all, even the most complex, developments of engineers.

The company is a developer and manufacturer of unique environmental and resource-saving technologies that provide "green" energy, recycling and waste disposal.


The products and technology we create are distinguished by a high level of novelty and science intensity, all our developments and design are carried out by the company's own staff, where the practical application of science in applied research and the implementation of accumulated theories and knowledge are used to achieve specific client goals.

  • Development of a cyclone furnace for the neutralization and disposal of liquid and gaseous waste
  • Development of devices for cleaning and pre-cooling of wastewater from a gas cleaning system
  • Development of methods for the utilization of thermal energy with the production of electricity
  • Development of unique patented energy-saving technologies in the design of boilers
  • Development of concrete lining technology in rotary kilns


We are confident in our technologies and in the quality of our products.
We guarantee reliability, durability and long service life of the equipment.
Products are made in accordance with the regulations of the Customs Union by qualified personnel.
All Eco-Spectrum products meet the requirements of environmental, sanitary and industrial safety


The company's specialists constantly improve their qualifications in accordance with national and international education standards according to ISO, NAKS, MBA, etc. systems.
We regularly train employees to improve their skills and professionalism.


Eco-Spectrum is one of the first founders of the Zero Waste Landfill concept.

We manufacture a full range of waste management equipment from sorting solutions to energy recovery.
The company follows the strategies of national development and international concessions for resource saving, energy efficiency and low-waste production.



We create environmentally and resource-saving technologies that provide "green" energy, recycling and waste disposal. Eco-Spectrum solves highly specialized tasks based on the principles of economic and environmental efficiency.

Equipment catalog


We have been successful thanks to the satisfaction of our customers around the world. In 2021, we were awarded the highest award "Industrial Exporter of the Year".

Equipment "Eco-Spectrum":

Eco-Spectrum's equipment has a CE certificate confirming compliance with product safety requirements for the consumer and the enviroment. The company has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates
Certified to Environmental Standards (Certificación de Ambiental), Occupational Health and Safety (Certificación de Seguridad Laboral), Quality and Biosafety (Certificación de Calidad & Certificación de BIOSEGURIDAD) Peru
approved by the National Waste Management Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
included in the reference book of the Best Available Technologies (BAT) for the production of products by the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
entered in the Register of producers of "green" technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan


We have much to be proud of. Our success lies in the constant desire to develop, in a responsible approach to the fulfillment of the tasks set and high dedication in achieving the set goals.

  • Participation in the II Central Asian Ecological Forum “Green Technologies. Environmental Protection and Recycling”, Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Participation in the "I Conference on the implementation of the reform of municipal solid waste management in Russia"
  • Winner of the business rating in the competition "Industry Leader"2020
  • III place in the competition for the national award in the nomination "The best enterprise in the field of industrial production"
  • The winner of the competition "Exporter of the Year in the field of industry"
  • Winner of the national award in the nomination "The best enterprise in the field of industrial production"
  • General Partner of the 5th All-Russian Business Forum "Ecotechnoparks of Russia"
  • Development of a fundamentally new cyclone furnace HURIKAN 3000 C for the disposal of liquid and gaseous toxic waste
  • Positive conclusion of the audit of the Skolkovo Innovation Center