Environmental issues of the coronavirus pandemic - how medical protection polluts the world's ocean

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious environmental problems - pollution of the oceans with plastic and medical waste. This was announced at the UN Conference of Trade and Development.

The main source of pollution is plastic. Due to the fact that today more and more people refuse to visit shops and restaurants, the demand for the delivery of goods, products and ready meals is only growing. However, this has led to an increase in plastic waste. Therefore, global manufacturers urge to abandon the use of plastic for the manufacture of packaging.

Also, the problem of accumulation of medical waste - used masks and gloves, bottles of antiseptics, etc. has become especially urgent.

The report also indicates that 75% of the plastic that is generated as a result of the pandemic is not subject to subsequent processing - all this volume will become garbage that clogs landfills and the waters of the oceans.

The solution to the problem is not only the transition to biodegradable materials, but also an integrated approach to the disposal of used medical waste.

Equipment for the disposal of medical waste – Eco-Spectrum incinerators - are high-performance installations operating on the principle of thermal neutralization of materials. They will allow destroying from several tens of kilograms to several tons of waste in one load. The use of incinerators at landfills and in medical institutions is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.