Varieties of furnaces and their way of work

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Incinerators are specifically called equipment that neutralizes waste using high temperatures with the purification of exhaust gases. The organic component is burned and the liquid is evaporated. This technology reduces the initial volume of waste. The remains in the form of ashes are absolutely safe for health.

What items and substances can be disposed of using an incinerator?

●  gas emissions and solid products;

●  industrial or domestic effluents;

● medical products.

There is a waste incinerator that uses a deck oven. Such a furnace is used for small installations, it can also have a system of agitators for efficient burnout.

Rotary kiln equipment has a vertical drum into which waste is loaded. Air enters the chamber for better combustion. The temperature reaches 950 degrees Celsius.

The most powerful is the incinerator with a cyclone-vortex furnace. The waste goes through the pump into the cyclone reactor.