How animal cremator functions

Много людей

The disposal of biological waste is a problem today, since not all enterprises are ready to purchase cremators. There are a number of norms and requirements, based on which it is impossible to use pits, thus getting rid of waste. Because it pollutes water and soil, which can harm the environment and human health.

The equipment runs on liquid fuel or gaseous, depending on the model. Each device has special sensors that regulate the temperature. The use of cremators for animals has the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. The possibility of harming the environment is excluded.

  • Profitability. Biothermal pits will cost more than buying this device.

  • Easy to operate. You should follow the instructions, and you will be able to quickly cope with the task.

The combustion technology takes place according to the following scheme: biological waste is loaded, then the furnace is turned on, a certain temperature is set. After that, the equipment cools down and the chamber is cleaned from ashes.