About innovations in the market of equipment for recycling of waste


The problem of environmental waste disposal is relevant for the entire civilizational world. Therefore, the "garbage" market today is one of the most promising for the introduction of innovations. What developments in this area are considered the most promising?

Promising areas of research 

The waste collection / recycling industry is developing at a tremendous pace in all countries. The greatest activity by experts, in view of large-scale digitalization, is predicted in the following areas:

 – development of software (SW) for technological equipment focused on waste processing (“smart” disposal systems);

 – optimization of waste collection and sorting: the use of robotic sorting, the introduction of mobile applications, analytical tools and software (“smart” waste collectors and similar containers);

 - analysis and accounting of consumer experience with feedback (use of cloud services for enterprises, and for citizens - special mobile applications).

In addition, the following developments are considered promising:

 – alternative fuel for garbage trucks (objective – reduction of CO2 emissions);

 – electric trucks and hybrid analogues;

- dump trucks that "know how" to empty garbage cans on their own, without human help.

The "garbage" industry, including professional high-performance equipment for waste disposal offers great opportunities for innovation. But those business players who have correctly calculated the trends and the potential for introducing innovative tech solutions, interesting start-ups capable of controlling and optimizing the processes of collection, sorting, delivery, and disposal of waste will have a competitive advantage in this industry..