What is the function of waste incinerators?

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We are talking about industrial furnaces for burning various wastes, including solid household waste, highly efficient, environmentally friendly and practical cremators, incinerators. Further, what is the benefit of using thermal furnaces for the disposal of solid waste?

Top reasons to buy an incinerator:

In some cases, to optimize the production process, it will be sufficient to purchase an incinerator, since such a technology: is

- the most economical, due to minimal fuel costs and the needlessness of waste transporting;

- environmentally friendly (as a result, we get sterile ash ≈5%, which is guaranteed to contain neither pathogenic bacteria nor microbes, since the combustion temperature, thanks to internal built-in burners, reaches 700-800 ° C);

- implies ease of service, special training of service personnel, as a rule, is not required. Technologically, the disposal process is simple - the adjustment is made by the control unit of the built-in burner.

Where can I buy a waste incinerator? 

Today it is not a problem to buy an incinerator of any dimensions, performance and power, volumes of loading chambers. The price for such equipment at Eco-Spectrum directly depends on the criteria listed above (parameters, power, productivity, load volume), and on specific operating tasks.

A wide range of ovens, cremators, incinerators allow you to choose the best equipment for livestock and poultry, meat processing and public utilities, medicine, veterinary medicine, etc.

Experienced consultants of the official resource "Eco-Spectrum" will help you choose the best version of the furnace for the specific tasks of your enterprise.