Large garbage burning incinerator - a sustainable tool for better environment

Eco-Spectrum company is specializes in the creation of innovative incinerator plants, began to work closely with the OWEN company. The basis for establishing business relationships was the beginning of the use of temperature sensors that can withstand difficult conditions for improvement of waste incinerators

Since each large waste incinerator which is assembled at Eco-Spectrum enterprise, meets environmental standards, no toxic substances are released into the atmosphere during combustion. From an environmental point of view, this can be called a significant breakthrough, but from a technical point of view, this is a serious task. To ensure the smooth operation of large furnaces, it was necessary to equip the waste incinerators with especially heat-resistant sensors. According to the plan, they must correspond immediately to two main parameters:

  • Withstand elevated temperatures, which in the combustion zone can reach 1000 ° C;

  • Resistance to aggressive flue gases.

To meet both requirements, experts have developed the latest sensor format, which is now being installed in branded incinerators. Thanks to this, the efficiency of equipment use has increased, which, together with the relevance of the issue of waste processing, explains why Eco-Spectrum equipment is in demand not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but also in other regions of Russia and all over the globe.