Why does the price of an insinerator pay for itself quickly?

The issue of waste disposal at landfills closed for the import of new waste is as acute as the processing of current MSW. The reason lies in the fact that when various types of waste are stored, over time, the process of decay starts in their thickness, which subsequently provokes the production of so-called landfill gases.

It often happens that such side effects are often underestimated, but people living dangerously close to landfills can testify that they suffer from them. And we are talking not only about the deterioration of well-being, when “the wind blows towards the houses”, but also about the gradual:

  • Soil pollution;

  • Deterioration of groundwater quality;

  • Negative impact on animals.

That is why more and more companies are looking for alternative ways to dispose of various types of waste, paying attention to industrial cremators.

Saving the environment is a promising investment for the future.

Although the price of an incinerator is higher than just a monthly fee for the removal of commercial or municipal waste, it fully pays for itself in the long run.

According to research by Eco-Spectrum, only at the “Lesnaya” landfill, well-known among residents of the Moscow region, which was recently closed, waste was stored annually in the amount of 450 thousand tons. Huge waste heaps rot over time and release dioxins - harmful substances that provoke the onset of cancer.

The connection between dioxins and cancer was confirmed by scientists from the European Convention on the Environment. In practice, this means that in almost all regions of Russia and around the globe there are points that are an ideal environment for the generation of hazardous components that adversely affect human health.

To stop this process, experts advise using incinerators that operate on the principle of thermal waste treatment. No harmful gases are emitted during the combustion process, which makes the procedure environmentally friendly.