How is the price of animal cremators formated?

The cost of incinerators from different manufacturers can vary significantly. The main reason for significant discrepancies may be what materials were used to create the equipment.

Modern models from the Eco-Spectrum company provide for the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during active operation. And while this point does affect the final price of the animal cremator it pays off with the ability to use the technique safely, both from an environmental and legal point of view. During the inspection by the environmental inspectorate, it will not show deviations, which will avoid the need to pay a fine.

What else affects the cost of a biowaste incinerator?

Prices for ovens can vary greatly from one manufacturer. This happens due to:

  • different volume (capacity);

  • additional optional;

  • technical features (type of waste that needs to be processed).

As for the secondary options, here we are talking about the possibility of using the heat released during the combustion process for heating purposes. Usually, it is redirected to maintain the optimal temperature regime in outbuildings, factory floors or other premises that are in close proximity to the furnace installed in accordance with all the rules.

In addition, the owners of the incinerator get the opportunity to use the neutral ash residue for landscaping, for example, to level the access road with it or fill the existing road.