What does the power of the boiler say?

Котел 2 GEOTHERM WGB (3P)The main characteristic of heating equipment is the power of the boiler, it is this indicator that allows you to understand whether the selected unit can cope with the effective maintenance of optimal temperatures in working or residential premises. What do you need to know about power?

The power of industrial boilers matters.

A hot water boiler is a unit that heats the coolant with the help of combusted fuel (diesel, gas, solid fuel resources). Water acts as such a carrier, which circulates through the pipes of the heating system and provides heating of the room. The higher the power of the hot water boiler, the greater the number of consumers that can be provided with hot heat.

The optimal indicator is 1 kW for every 10 square meters. This formula is used to select the appropriate power of the working unit for residential and industrial facilities. It is also important to take into account the individual characteristics of the heated premises: dimensions, ceiling height, working technologies used, the quality of insulation, the presence of ventilation, and more. For example, when using a hot water boiler for space heating and hot water at the same time, the power should be greater. As is the case with the use of the unit in basements.

In addition to power characteristics, when selecting hot water boilers, it is necessary to pay attention to:

• Type of combustion chamber of the unit;

• Control features (mechanical, automated);

• Installation (stationary or wall-mounted set of heating equipment);

• Boiler dimensions;

• Water temperature chart.

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