What are the differences between water tube and fire tube boilers?

The main difference between fire-tube and water-tube boilers lies in the design features of industrial thermal equipment and the principle of operation of the units. In terms of popularity, both options are relevant, but each customer selects thermal equipment for personal reasons.

Fire-tube industrial boilers are characterized by the movement of combustion products through the tubes, which are washed by the coolant. In water-tube units, the heat carrier is already mixed through the pipes - water, which is heated from the outside by combustion products. Each type of such industrial equipment has its pros and cons.

Advantages of fire tube boilers

• Simple design;

• Small dimensions of the equipment;

• Ease of installation and service;

• Affordable price with manufacturer's warranty.

Along with the advantages, such equipment also has negative qualities: high requirements are placed on water quality, there is a risk of an explosion, and aerodynamic drag indicators are overestimated.

Advantages of water tube boilers

• Prompt access to operating capacity;

• Minimum requirements for water quality;

• Small weight of a working design;

• Low risk of equipment explosion.

Among the disadvantages of such equipment, it is worth noting a more complex design and service, but in practice, the advantages completely offset the negative aspects. Do you want to buy water tube and fire tube boilers, the differences of which you already know well? Our prices and assortment are at your service!