Types of water boilers

Hot water boilers are specialized household or industrial equipment that heats the coolant of the required temperature for heating and hot water supply of residential industrial and administrative buildings. Types of hot water boilers are distinguished by the type of fuel used, power and other characteristics.

Hot water boilers - their types and technical characteristics.

Classification of hot water boilers by performance: low, medium and high power. The modern variety of such equipment is very large and allows you to satisfy all the desires of users. The principle of operation is based on the heating of the coolant and the subsequent transfer of heat to consumers belonging to the same thermal system. Water circulates through the pipe system and gives off its heat, after which it returns to the heat exchanger and reheats in order to successfully repeat this working cycle an infinite number of times.

Types of hot water boilers are divided according to the type of fuel used:

• On solid wood fuels, including firewood, sawdust, shavings or special pellets;

• On solid fuel, in particular, on coal;

• On solid fuel in the form of peat briquettes;

• On liquid diesel fuel;

• On natural gas;

• On electricity.

Some industrial hot water boilers are equipped with several furnaces and replaceable burners at once, therefore they provide high-quality heating of working premises and hot water heating with the simultaneous or alternate use of several types of fuel resources (gas and fuel oil, gas and solid fuel).

It is difficult to imagine the operation of an industrial hot water boiler without a high-quality automatic control system, especially when it comes to heating large production areas. The degree of automation of the unit can be customized according to the user's requirement. You can get more detailed advice on this topic or ask questions about the selected heating unit right now to our specialists. Contact us in a convenient way for you. Make the right choice with Eco-Spectrum! Our prices and assortment will pleasantly surprise you. Only certified units with quality assurance.