Characteristics of water boilers: what you need to know

Основные характеристики водогрейных котлов Centralized heat supply for large enterprises, factories, residential complexes or cottage settlements is provided by using hot water boilers, the characteristics of which depend on the type and quality of the selected fuel.

The main components of the boiler are made of steel, as this material is characterized by high strength and reliability, at a low cost. As a heat carrier, water is used, which undergoes chemical treatment before entering the boiler. Such a coolant, in turn, does an excellent job of heating residential and commercial premises on an industrial scale.

The final temperature, to which the coolant is heated, directly depends on the conditions that determine the maintenance of a stable temperature regime in residential or commercial premises. At the same time, heating devices require special attention, through which hot water supplied from the boiler circulates.

The lower the ambient temperature, the higher the level of heating of the heat carrier in the boiler. To maintain the optimum temperature in the heating system, depending on different environmental conditions, the water is heated within 70-95°C. The technical characteristics of hot water boilers from modern manufacturers allow efficient operation with a coolant temperature from 179 to 200 ° C.

The main parameters of the boiler for optimal operation of the equipment

The main enemy of industrial boilers is condensate. Condensation of water vapor is very detrimental to metal components, as it creates optimal conditions for external corrosion of the surfaces of heating elements. To avoid the problem of destructive condensate, it is enough to take care of the correct water temperature at the inlet to the heating equipment - it must be above the dew point of the combustion products used. Then the temperature of the working walls will also not reach the dew point level.

Minimum allowable inlet water temperatures:

  • 60°C, when operating on natural gas;

  • 70°C, when operating on low-sulphur fuel oil;

  • 110°C, when operating on high sulfur fuel oil

In the heating network in the return pipeline, the water is cooled to 60 ° C, therefore, to compensate for the missing temperature, water from the direct pipeline is mixed into the water before entering the boiler, so that the quality characteristics of the boilers remain at the optimum level.

For the selection of industrial boilers for heating water with optimal performance, you should seek professional advice from our experts.