Gas water boiler device

Особенности устройства водогрейного котла на газе

Gas-fired hot water boilers are designed to provide residential and commercial premises with heating and hot water. The device of an industrial gas boiler is quite simple and reliable. The main units are: collector frame, convection section, stiffening belt and flue box.

What are gas boilers?

There are boilers for heating water with one and two circuits. The former can use hot water exclusively for circulation in the heating system for space heating, while the latter are more functional, since the installation of such gas-fired boilers allows you to simultaneously obtain hot water and high-quality heating.

What you need to know about the device of gas boilers for heating water?

Gas-fired hot water boilers operate on the basis of burners that burn natural gas and air. There are several types of equipment:

  • Atmospheric. Boilers mix natural gas with air in a natural way, and the exhaust emissions are already due to the natural draft of the chimney.

  • Inflatable. In such equipment, air and gas are mixed mechanically under pressure, after which the finished mixture is sent to the furnace, where it burns and gives off heat to the water. The burner is equipped with a fan. The device of an industrial gas boiler of an inflatable type provides low sensitivity to a drop in gas pressure.