Types of industrial water boilers

Типы промышленных котлов

Considering the types of industrial boilers, you should know that they are classified according to the fuel resource used and the product obtained at the output of the working heat unit. An industrial boiler is a specialized equipment for heating water or generating steam.

According to the coolant that transfers heat to consumers, there are:

• Steam boilers. This technique turns water into hot steam used in various technological processes. used in medicine, agriculture and wood processing.

• Hot water boilers. They heat the water to a temperature of 150 degrees, using the pressure in the system to prevent vaporization.

The second type of industrial boilers is popular for CHP equipment, boiler houses and is used to supply consumers with heating or heating and hot water. According to temperature maxima, low-temperature hot water boilers (max 115 degrees) and boilers for superheated water (min 150 degrees) are distinguished.

Types of industrial boilers by design features

1. Gas-tube (they are also fire-tube). These units are characterized by the movement of combustion products in a gaseous state through tubes that are surrounded on all sides by a coolant.

2. Water pipes. Thermal equipment, characterized by the movement of water strictly through the boiler tubes, which are located in the combustion chamber under the influence of combustion products.

There are also types of industrial boilers for boiler houses by type of fuel: gas, solid fuel, diesel, fuel oil, combined and electric. The design features of such units are quite diverse, so each client can choose the best option for the type of fuel used, power and price.