Why do you need the calculation of water boilers?

When selecting high-quality and reliable thermal equipment for an industrial boiler house, it is necessary to select the power of the boiler. It is necessary to fully take into account all individual factors affecting the power of the thermal equipment used.

The main characteristics that should be considered when choosing a hot water boiler:

• Temperature graph of water in the heating system. Depending on the required parameters of the coolant and the climatic location of the region, the temperature regime is selected.

• The amount of heat that consumers need.

• Type of fuel used.

When it comes to industrial thermal equipment, or rather, the arrangement of a boiler room at an enterprise, before the start of any work, hot water boilers are calculated taking into account the specified characteristics and technical parameters. To perform such a calculation, you need the help of a specialist.

Why is it impossible to do without calculation when choosing a hot water boiler?

A large selection of industrial and domestic hot water boilers with different functions, characteristics and equipment on the modern market drives you crazy with its abundance. It is very difficult to dwell on one specific option, and you need to know how to look for exactly what you need. In fact, the choice depends not only on the budget of the buyer, but also on the technical characteristics of the room requiring heating.

An enterprise needs a thermal calculation of an industrial boiler according to the following initial data:

• Thermal power of the equipment;

• Data on the series and standard size of the boiler;

• Graph of actual temperatures for the source of heat supply;

• Used fuel, peculiarities of its combustion;

• Features of operation and maintenance of the boiler furnace;

• Indicators of temperatures of gases which are removed from a fire chamber;

• Types of heating surfaces and their design;

• Indicators of air temperatures at the inlet and outlet.

The result of such a calculation should be the determination of the required thermal power, the design features of the boiler house, taking into account the choice of a specific type of fuel, as well as the dimensions of the heat exchange surfaces. The correct calculation of hot water boilers will ensure its efficient operation with minimal heating and hot water heating costs, as well as optimal conditions for the operation of thermal equipment.

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