Make the right choice of equipment with Eco-Spectrum

✓ More than 100 cities in Russia already operate more than 400 pieces of equipment

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC conducts business transparently, always declares the appropriate parameters of productivity, volumes, operating costs. Eco-Spectrum is an expert in incineration technology and regularly conducts incineration test of the customer's waste at its own testing ground with laboratory emission measurements to determine the technical capabilities of the equipment, taking into account different waste specifics.

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC guarantees the environmental friendliness of the equipment. There is no smoke and smell during operation, the availability of State Environmental Expertise on the equipment ensures the legality of the use of MSW installations.

✓ Own quality control department and availability of own production facilities allows us to create a high-quality competitive product.

✓ We develop ourselves, not copy. The development department and the department of development of automated control systems work on each project, creating an individual product for the needs of the customer, including northern and Arctic versions.

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC guarantees timely deliveries and commissioning and installation supervision.

✓ The customer always has access to the full reference list for the entire period of activity of Eco-Spectrum LLC from 2011 to 2021.

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC provides an "Honest Guarantee" - 6000 hours of operating time.

✓ Successful completion of external audits by quality experts of independent customer organizations Gazprom, Rosneft within the framework of deliveries confirms the high quality of products of Eco-Spectrum LLC.

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC is a trustworthy supplier, a conscientious taxpayer, there are no claims and lawsuits.

✓ Eco-Spectrum LLC occupies a leading position in the market of production and supply of equipment according to KonturFocus.