Heat recovery from waste incineration. 

The company "Eco-Spectrum", continuously improving their products. At the moment we are actively engaged in the issue of heat recovery, using the heat emitted by our incinerators. 

Together with our partners, we conduct a series of tests and improvements in this direction. It should be noted that this direction has great prospects. In the future, this direction will help to implement projects for the supply of heat, both individual premises and residential areas. 

Recovery is one of the most effective options for using waste. Hundreds of thousands of tons of waste, which are currently "dead weight", it is possible to use for useful purposes.

The ability to use waste production, farms and other production facilities to provide workshops, premises, greenhouses, is a very profitable and promising direction. 
This allows the company to develop intensively, not extensively! Significantly save on energy and solves the problem of waste disposal. 

It should be understood that behind the whole "rainbow" perspective of this type of heat generation and all its advantages, there is a great job! The company "Eco-Spectrum" is continuously working in this direction, thanks to our own staff of engineers, we are progressing in this direction every day.