Производители инсинераторов помогают детям

Incinerator manufacturers help children Russian company Eco-Spectrum is a leader in the domestic market for the development and production of high-performance equipment for waste disposal by the thermal method of exposure. The company's incinerators - the so-called these disposing plants - are widely used in almost all regions of our country and are actively exported to other countries of the world.

Our incinerators are successfully operated at numerous enterprises of our region and at production facilities in other cities of Russia. Together we carry out a very important mission - we make the region and country cleaner.

An active struggle for a clean environment is also necessary for the younger generation to enjoy all the blessings of nature: clean air, green forests, blue waters of rivers, seas, and lakes.

Like Eco-Spectrum, the daily struggle is only for the health of the younger generation - the brave patients of the regional children's hospital - are waged by doctors and the numerous medical staff of the clinic.

Young patients of the hospital daily experience pain, fears, and worries, which not all adults can cope with. Partly to overcome the excitement of procedures, the fear of surgery and the reluctance to take medicine for children help bright “BRAVE BOXES” - boxes with gifts for small patients.

In the Children's Regional Hospital, the action to install the BRAVE BOXES started in December last year.

BRAVE BOXES - what little patience will be happy

Everyone who cares can join the action and fill the BRAVE BOXES with toys. Most of all, kids will be delighted with fascinating books, coloring books with pencils, kits for creativity, puzzles or puzzles - all that will help them pass the time spent in the hospital room and a little distracted from fears.

The hospital administration asks you to take into account the characteristics of the child's body and not to donate soft toys, fragile or breakable objects into the boxes.

Eco-Spectrum company gives good to children!

Our company simply could not help joining this action of kindness and with great pride and pleasure-filled the Boxes of Brave with books and drawing accessories.

We sincerely believe that our many partners and clients of the company will also not remain indifferent and will please hospital patients with pleasant gifts. The great value of this action is that you will get extraordinary returns from children. Take your time and visit the brave little ones who are actively fighting for their health. Give them the opportunity to quickly recover, because positive emotions and joy drive away from the disease no worse than drugs!