The quickly developed mobile HURIKAN (URAGAN) 500 installation

Almost daily on the news portals, there is information on the elimination of unauthorized landfills found in one or another corner of our country. Such spontaneous "waste landfills" are formed as a result of human irresponsibility and low environmental literacy. As a rule, discovered landfills consist of municipal and household waste, less often - of biological and medical waste.

Both of them cause significant harm to the environment, and some particularly dangerous types of waste can even provoke the spread of dangerous infections and cause an epidemic in the region.

Fortunately, the fight against such unauthorized landfills is ongoing: the reactions of local government officials are instantaneous, and they are most often found guilty of dumping.

Eco-Spectrum, the leader in the modern market for the production of incinerators for waste disposal, also proposes effective waste management. The assortment of the company includes not only stationary but also mobile equipment - mobile waste incinerators. One such model is the HURIKAN (HURRICANE) 500 incinerator.

The fast, compact, manoeuvrable device allows you to use it directly at the place of accumulation of waste. The device is thought out so that its technical performance guarantees quick preparation for subsequent operation under almost any conditions. This is especially true if it is necessary to dispose of hazardous types of the waste directly on site from detection - without subsequent transportation.

HURIKAN (URAGAN) 500 is also ideal for eliminating the consequences of emergency situations: floods, the uncontrolled plague of livestock, spills, epidemics, etc. In such cases, the mobile HURIKAN incinerator (URAGAN) 500, equipment that combines modern technological solutions, ease of use and high efficiency, will be the best option for the destruction of the resulting waste and other types of waste.

To date, such devices are already actively used in many regions of Russia - more than 50 mobile HURIKAN incinerators (URAGAN) 500 have already been delivered to our customers for their subsequent use in the field.

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