Dust and Gas cleaning 2019

The twelfth annual International Dust and Gas Cleaning Conference 2019 was held in Moscow. By tradition, it was devoted to the problems of cleaning industrial gases and finding effective equipment for metallurgical enterprises, industries in the energy sector, pulp and paper, chemical, oil and gas and other industries.

A little about the most specialized conference

Each year, the Gas and Gas Cleaning Conference, held in Moscow, gathers more than 200 industry experts - representatives of well-known companies, designers and developers of specialized devices and innovative technological solutions, gas cleaning systems, etc. Representatives of research institutes, service companies and other enterprises also take part in the event. Participants in the event are not only representatives of Russian companies, but also specialists from other countries of the world. The organizer of the conference Dust and Gas Cleaning is LLC INTECHECO.

Eco-Spectrum - one of the participants in the event

This year about 200 companies from 11 countries of the world took part in the conference: Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Estonia, etc.

Within the framework of the Dust and Gas Cleaning Conference, more than 30 speakers made presentations regarding alternative industrial gas treatment technologies, and professional equipment from world manufacturers was also presented.

One of the topics of the report was the presentation of modern incinerator complexes equipped with a gas purification system. Of course, the Russian company Eco-Spectrum, which has been developing and manufacturing highly innovative equipment for the disposal of more than 1300 types of waste - incinerators , has also become a participant in the conference .

At the conference, a specialized exhibition was organized, at which all participants, including the Eco-Spectrum company, were able to present their technological solutions and modern gas cleaning systems.

Also, all conference delegates were able to exchange experiences, get advice and just chat with industry representatives, find new partners, suppliers of professional equipment, and customers.

Following the results of the twelfth International Conference on Dust and Gas Cleaning-2019, Eco-Spectrum company received a diploma of a participant in the conference.

Dust and Gas cleaning 2019 Dust and Gas cleaning 2019