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Open-door day at ECO-SPECTRUM


In October, Eco-Spectrum hosted open days, where clients and guests were invited to introduce themselves with the production technology, hold meetings with the engineering staff of the company, discuss issues related to the problems of clients in environmental support issues. At the request of the customers, test burning was carried out at the Eco-Spectrum test site with the involvement of laboratories to measure the concentration at the outlet of the incinerator pipe after the test burning off the customer 's waste.
All our customers were able to ensure that the company 's approach to solving their waste problems was comprehensive. We answered the most difficult questions, helped to determine the concept of recycling, provided an opportunity to assess in practice the feasibility of thermal methods of waste treatment. We make the understanding of thermal treating accessible to humans. Everything happens in front of the client, in his immediate presence.
During October we were visited by customers and clients from Krasnoyarsk Krai, Amur region, Volgograd region, representatives of public services, private business and public organizations.