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13-th of April. The "Eco-Spectrum" LLC began assembling body of the HURIKAN 5000

The company “EcoSpectrum” LLC began assembling body of the HURIKAN 5000. The incinerator has no analogues in Russia and has impressive characteristics:

the volume of the main chamber is 50 m², the burning rate reaches up to 5000 kg/h.

The furnace is designed in the Solidworks, AutoCad, Compass programs and is intended for the disposal of: MSW, food industry waste (packaging, cling film), medical waste, wood processing waste, oil extraction and oil processing waste, oily waste, and even more 1300 types of waste.

The body is made of high-carbon steel with a thickness of 15 mm. The concrete lining allows reaching temperatures above 1200 ℃ inside the chamber, thanks to the exact calculations of the Eco-Spectrum engineers, the incinerator body is heated to less than 60 ℃ from the outside. The technology of the gas purification system meets all European quality standards, which is confirmed by CE certificate.


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