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30-the of April, Eco-Spectrum LLS was shipped HURIKAN 1000 to Amur region for working on landfill

H1000 Amur 2

On April 30, 2020, the Eco-Spectrum LLC was shipped incinerator HURIKAN 1000. The incinerator was shipped to the Amur Region for the disposal of waste placed at the landfill.  HURIKAN 1000 is designed for productivity up to 1000 kg/h and round-the-clock operation.  Each incinerator of our company is a unique product, since engineers constantly make constructive improvements for the ideal ratio - processing volumes/costs/customer wishes.  HURIKAN 1000 is equipped with a powerful ventilation and heating system for fuel line, hydraulics and burners, which allows it to be used year-round.  In an open area, the incinerator can be operated at temperatures up to -60 ℃.  Only one operator is needed to operate the equipment.  If necessary, the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator can be manufactured in a mobile version.  Our incinerators and cremators have a positive conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise of Russian Federation.

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