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Urgent shipment of HURIKAN 1000 as part of government bidding

H1000 Amur

Eco-Spectrum LLC won government bidding and acted as a supply contractor of waste disposal equipment. The HURIKAN 1000 incinerator was urgently engineered, manufactured and delivered for the needs of a subordinate institution in the Amur Region.

Two of the main criterions of the technical task was been mobility of the equipment, due to the further operation of the incinerator for the elimination of waste in places of formation (natural dumps of various wastes, including agricultural wastes) and reliability of the equipment.

Despite the considerable distance (more than 8,500 km), the delivery was made on time and put into operation.

When equipment was delivered to the facility, the incinerator was accepted, which showed the advantage of concrete lining over brick, even, in particular, transportation. Thus, ready-made stationary equipment for waste disposal can be moved or converted into a mobile version.

In the future, the Vostochny Cosmodrome will be located on this territory, which requires cleaning the territory from clutter.

In the near future, Eco-Spectrum LLC will send commissioning engineers to start the incinerator and train operators.

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