05/06/2020 VOLKAN 150 cremator shipped to the Republic of Sakha (Russia)

05/06/2020, the VOLKAN 150 was shipped to the Republic of Sakha (Russia). The VOLKAN 150 incinerator is ideally suited for a wide range of purposes: the destruction of oversized waste, the disposal of wet waste, the disposal of bulk waste, and the neutralization of pasty waste.

The waste disposal furnace has a compact size, which allows you to place it almost anywhere, both in an open area and under a canopy or indoors.

VOLKAN 150 is made to operate at temperatures up to - 45 °C, which is implemented: additional protection of automation devices and the fuel system from the effects of the external environment and precipitation; additional insulation and heating allow the unit to be operated at temperatures up to - 45 °C.

The protection of the incinerator allows you to increase the life-period of all its elements.

The installation can be sent anywhere in the world thanks to the unique technologies of Eco-Spectrum, one of which is concrete lining.

At the client’s request, any Eco-Spectrum incinerator models can be made in mobile or container versions.

What differentiate our incinerators from analogues?

1. Our experts develop equipment for round-the-clock use, which in turn allows you to destroy a large amount of waste.

2. Eco-Spectrum incinerators use unique time-tested technologies, which in turn guarantees a long service life and high-quality products.

3. We are a manufacturing and engineering company. Our equipment is manufactured at the facilities of our company, which positively affects the high-quality production (execution) of incinerators, cremators and additional equipment, short lead times, the ability to execute models for the specific needs of the customer, and, of course, pricing.

4. Own chemical and biological departments allows you to calculate the composition of the utilized waste and determine the customer's needs for specific equipment.

5. We deliver to Russia, CIS countries and worldwide.

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