The Eco-Spectrum company celebrated the production of the anniversary installation and manufactured the incinerator HURIKAN 400 R in a new design. The waste incinerator has been improved, which has a positive impact on the ease of transportation. During production, new technologies were applied in the manufacture of equipment, productivity was increased, which positively influenced the daily volume of waste disposal. The high-performance incinerator is equipped with the updated gas cleaning system TYPHOON. The unit is designed in such a way that later additional equipment can be connected to it - a closed cycle water treatment system, a heat recuperator, and so on.

The waste disposal furnace has been tested for quality and environmental compliance. The incinerator is manufactured in accordance with the statement of work.

The anniversary incinerator send to Kazakhstan to dispose of oil sludge.

The company's specialists have checked the equipment, commissioned and test run.

Eco-Spectrum company can manufacture an incinerator installation according to your needs. The staff of the company has a sufficient set of qualifications, knowledge and equipment for calculating, designing and manufacturing equipment that the customer needs! At the request of the client, the company's staff of professionals can develop and manufacture additional equipment.

With professionals around the world!

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