On July 03, 2020, an incinerator produced by Eco-Spectrum - HURIKAN 500 was shipped. The incinerator send to the Yamal Peninsula to neutralize waste. The productivity of the waste disposal furnace HURIKAN 500 is up to 500 kg/h and round-the-clock operation. Each incinerator in our company is a unique product as our engineers continually make design improvements for the ideal ratio of recycling/cost/customer needs. Considering the complete set of this incinerator, manufactured in accordance with the TOR, it should be noted that it has the appropriate characteristics:
- winter version, which implies a heating system for burners and a fuel line, which allows the incinerator to operate in extremely cold conditions down to -60 °C;
- bucket loading of waste - a new bucket loading system (screw elevator), due to the absence of hydraulic units, makes it possible to operate without problems in conditions of constantly low temperatures, in addition, bucket loading minimizes the contact of personnel with waste and reduces the cost of transport required for loading;
- two types of fuel - the delivery set includes 2 sets of burners (gas and diesel), which allows the unit to be operated both in mobile and stationary modes;
- automatic opening of the loading door - allows you to automatically open the loading door, which helps to reduce the time for loading waste and halves the number of personnel required for the operation of the installation;
- Reinforced lathing of smoke tubes - is necessary for the installation to operate in areas with a wind load of over 10 m/s.
The presence of a positive conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise of the Federal level allows the operation of equipment manufactured by Eco-Spectrum LLC throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

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