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07/10/2020 VOLKAN 1000 incinerator shipped to the Leningrad Region

Volkan 1000On June 10, 2020, the VOLKAN 1000 incinerator was shipped to the Leningrad Region. The waste disposal furnace was purchased by the breeding plant for its own needs. VOLKAN models are created with a special purpose - the disposal of animal and veterinary waste, medical waste, ship waste, as well as the neutralization of other types of waste (1300 types). The main advantage of the models is the absence of a grate system, which in turn is ideal for waste with high humidity, loose and pasty.

         Disposal of waste on-site is the most correct and cost-effective solution, since incineration of waste in this way saves money on additional waste removal, time and area for its storage, does not limit the volumes to be disposed - all this is thanks to our incinerators, which are designed specifically for round-the-clock operation.

         The installation of additional equipment from the Eco-Spectrum company allows heat recovery with subsequent use for various purposes - heating rooms, heating water, etc.

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