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HURIKAN 1000 R. From engineering to commissioning


09/03/2020, the production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" shipped the HURIKAN 1000 R. The rotary incinerator was developed by the company's engineers specifically for the needs of the seaport in the disposal of ship waste, seaport waste.
Thermal destruction units from the Eco-Spectrum company are designed for disposal of oil sludge with a high content of oily soils, drill cuttings, oily waste generated during emergency spills of oil and oil products, solid waste and other loose and pasty waste. The presence of a positive conclusion of the State Ecological Expertise of the Federal level allows operating incinerators manufactured by Eco-Spectrum LLC throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation.
Rotary kilns for waste disposal and neutralization can be installed in sea containers (20 - 40 feet) for transportation from one site to another and with the subsequent start-up within 24 hours.
Incinerator complexes HURIKAN R-series (rotary series) are designed to operate for 5 years. The installations are approved for disposal of more than 1,300 types of waste of 3, 4, and 5 hazard classes with a sanitary protection zone of 500 meters or less.