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Eco-Spectrum has completed the commissioning of the rotary incinerator HURIKAN 1000 R

Specialists of the production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" have completed the commissioning of the rotary incinerator HURIKAN 1000 R.
The drum kiln HURIKAN 1000 R is designed for the destruction of waste in a continuous cycle. The incinerator is equipped with a mechanized loading system, which provides a continuous automated process for neutralizing and recycling waste. The basic model is designed to neutralize waste with a caloric value of 2500 to 4000 kcal/kg. The primary task for HURIKAN 1000 R is the disposal of waste oil, oil sludge, liquid waste, drill cuttings, laboratory waste, sludge and sludge from treatment facilities, high toxicity waste, as well as highly humidified and pasty waste, highly humidified soils and other mineral materials.
The TYPHOON series gas cleaning system, developed by the company's experts, excludes the release of waste liquid into the environment, as well as the release of gases into the atmosphere in accordance with environmental standards of the Russian Federation, which makes the waste disposal plant an environmentally friendly equipment.
A specific incinerator has been designed and manufactured for the destruction and disposal of municipal solid waste, contaminated, toxic, etc.
All Eco-Spectrum equipment complies with all environmental standards, which is confirmed by the relevant documentation, which subsequently simplifies the process of obtaining a license for recycling activities.
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