Leader of industryThe production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" for the third time becomes the industry leader in Russia among manufacturers of equipment for waste disposal.
Every year we develop more and more in a professional direction. Our main difference from similar manufacturers is complex engineering solutions. The founders of our company are a team of like-minded people, consisting of engineers, designers, managers and specialists who are professionals in their field. A clear understanding of the tasks and problems that concern the Customers, knowledge of the requirements of the technology, electrical equipment and automation markets, responsibility - all this led us to offer a full range of works, services and equipment for our customers. High quality workmanship is controlled by our own quality control department, which checks not only the finished equipment for the customer, but also the materials that are just coming to us for production.
Our comprehensive approach provides consumers with the most effective solutions for reliable and safe waste disposal. Constant testing and communication with our existing customers allow us to receive information about the combustion process of various types of waste, temperature maximums of incinerators and other indicators, on the basis of which we make technical improvements and adapt incinerators for a specific type of waste.
Our own engineering and design department daily makes adjustments and corrections to the design features of our products, starting from the geometry of the main chamber cover, which will have high resistance to heat and eliminate its deformation during long-term operation, ending with the combination of the incinerator with a gas cleaning system that will meet all environmental safety requirements so that each piece of equipment is ideal for our customers.
Отдельное внимание мы уделяем сервису и обслуживанию наших комплексов термического оборудования. За данным направлением тщательно следит отдел технической поддержки, который в краткие сроки устраняет неисправность путем удаленного доступа, а в случае необходимости в течение 24 часов высылает необходимый ЗИП комплект для замены неисправных частей инсинератора. Наша цель - эффективная эксплуатация оборудования Заказчиком, поэтому наличие всего списка ЗИП на складе и быстрая обратная связь с клиентом обеспечивают высокий уровень сервисной поддержки.
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