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Production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" sums up the completed tasks

In the outgoing 2020, the production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" sums up the completed tasks and planned plans, and also determines the course of the organization's development for the next 2021.
HURIKAN 400 R.jpgWe will remember 2020 with new developments, a breakthrough in technology and gaining new experience in the development and production of rotary kilns. We have made serious competition for the existing players on the market. Our products have already been appreciated by many enterprises, and today, we have positive feedback from customers who have received solutions to their problems related to waste disposal. Our clients include enterprises from various fields - hospitals, waste disposal sites, oil producing and oil refining companies, large agricultural holdings, meat processing plants and factories, construction companies, airports, seaports and so on. Different waste has a different type of behavior, during thermal utilization, and often a worked-out solution on one waste does not work on another, therefore the task of the Eco-Spectrum enterprise is not to sell something, just to burn, but to predict by means of calculations and experimental tests , the result of ensuring all technological processes, in accordance with technical, environmental, legal requirements and standards, in the process of using incinerators and cremators. It is important that all units work flawlessly at maximum loads in the process of thermal waste disposal. When burning, it is important to take into account all the strength reserves, the power of the drive mechanisms, all temperature parameters and other conditions, the features of which are the high quality of the equipment from the Eco-Spectrum company. Only with a competent engineering and technical layout is it possible to obtain a positive result from operation. The literacy of technical solutions is one point, but it is important to implement them in high-quality working equipment, which can only be realized through understanding the client's needs, control at every stage of production, high-precision production and professionalism of employees.
The entire team of the production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum" wishes you a Happy New Year! We wish you health, peace, joy and happiness, good luck, prosperity, smiles and magical sensations in the New Year!