The bench and urn are made from recycled waste. These products appeared thanks to the HURIKAN and VOLKAN incineratorsSpecialists of the production and engineering company "Eco-Spectrum", engaged in the development of innovative and environmentally friendly utilization complexes, constantly conduct laboratory research, the results of which can be used for the production of serial products. Thanks to this approach, the company produces innovative patented equipment that has no analogues. Also, studies are underway on possible ways of using the bottom ash, which is obtained after thermal waste disposal.
In March 2021, the first samples of benches, park pots and trash cans from a unique material were successfully produced. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is entirely a product of waste disposal. The technology is still kept secret. It is known that ash obtained as a result of thermal utilization of MSW in HURIKAN incinerators, as well as purified and recycled plastic, are used for production.
At the moment, additional physical and mechanical tests for wear resistance are being carried out, but it is already clear that the finished product is durable. Precipitation, heat and cold are not terrible for products. The material is non-toxic to humans and animals, and its radioactivity is within the limits of 480 becquerels permissible by the standards, which allows the use of products made from it in residential areas and parks.
Benches, bins and garden pots are made of recycled waste - ash, which is obtained after thermal disposal of waste in HURIKAN incinerators from Eco-SpectrumIt is quite obvious that such use of waste is much more preferable from the point of view of ecology and economics than storing it in landfills or landfills. After all, this technology, in fact, turns garbage into new, in demand, things. Waste not only does not litter or destroy the environment, but also becomes a source of income.
The bench has a modern design, attractive and original appearance, and is also convenient to use.
The use of ash as a building material has long established itself as an optimizing solution, interesting both for the manufacturing industry (manufacturers of building materials) and for industries whose enterprises receive ash as a by-product (CHP, MSZiK). The use of this material makes it possible to create products not only for industrial facilities, but also for improving the infrastructure of cities and other settlements, districts and courtyards.