Rotary incinerator HURIKAN 200 R from Eco Spectrum went to the Perm region for the disposal of solid waste, MSW, oil sludge, medical waste and so onOn May 4, 2021, the rotary incinerator HURIKAN 200 R, developed and manufactured by Eco-Spectrum, was shipped to the Perm Territory (Russia). Equipment for thermal utilization went to the landfill for the destruction and neutralization of oil waste, MSW, medical waste, and so on. The incinerator has a certificate of state environmental expertise for the disposal and disposal of over 4,700 types of waste. You can buy an incinerator HURIKAN or VOLKAN directly from the manufacturer - Eco-Spectrum LLC, which will allow you to develop and manufacture an incinerator to order, taking into account all the features important for the customer (climate, location of the waste loading and ash unloading unit, automation of the operation process , mobile or stationary, and so on).
The rotary incinerator HURIKAN 200 R is equipped with the TYPHOON gas cleaning system, which was developed by the specialists of the Eco-Spectrum company. The TYPHOON scrubber eliminates the emission of waste liquid into the environment, as well as the emission of gases into the atmosphere in accordance with the environmental standards of the Russian Federation, which makes the waste disposal plant an environmentally friendly equipment.
The incinerator HURIKAN 200 R is made in a mobile version and is additionally equipped with a liquid waste supply unit, a mobile bunker for loading solid waste and a fuel tank, which allows the incinerator complex to be transported from one work site to another with subsequent start-up within 24 hours.
The drum furnace HURIKAN 200 R is designed for the destruction of waste in a continuous cycle. The incinerator is equipped with a mechanized loading system, which provides a continuous automated process for neutralizing and recycling waste. The basic model is designed to neutralize up to 200 kilograms of waste per hour.
Each piece of Eco-Spectrum equipment complies with all environmental standards, which is confirmed by the relevant documentation, which subsequently simplifies the process of obtaining a license for recycling activities.