On May 19, 2022, Eco-Spectrum made the first shipment of high-tech products for the disposal of solid household and medical waste - incinerators. The customer considered a number of major players in the world market, but Eco-Spectrum development and production equipment passed all stages of the competition for compliance with all quality criteria and environmental international standards. An important category of choosing Eco-Spectrum as the supplier, was the availability of its own technologies, in-house highly qualified production staff and a high level of management at all stages of the process, from the first consultation and technical clarifications to the organization of shipment and delivery of equipment to the client. 

Incinerator VOLKAN 150 is a compact equipment for waste disposal, which can be used both in stationary version and in mobile. Suitable for the destruction, neutralization of small volumes of waste locally, the volume of the afterburning chamber allows you to retain gases for up to 2 seconds at a temperature of at least 850 ° C, which corresponds to the European directive, guaranteeing the complete decomposition of all toxic substances to the maximum permissible concentrations.

Shipment of the incinerator for waste disposal takes place under the guidance of the responsible manager of Eco-Spectrum, who checks all items of goods in accordance to invoices, coordinates the work of freight forwarders, customs and brokerage services, which ensures quick shipment and delivery to the destination.

Lima is the most populous city with a population of more than 9.5 million people (almost 30 percent of the total population of the country), followed by Arequipa (with a population of 1 million people), Trujillo (with a population of 919 thousand people) and Chiclayo (with a population of 320 thousand people).  Urban centers are an important environmental problem for Peru because of unplanned growth, which in turn pose risks of pollution of the atmosphere, flow-water and soils as a result not only of economic activities, but also of failures in solid waste management.  A quick solution to reducing waste is a special furnace for garbage disposal, in which heat treatment and destruction are carried out. Neutralized ash, which is about 3-5% after thermal disposal of the total volume can be used.

Eco-Spectrum plans to actively increase supplies not only to these four cities, which make up the metropolitan areas of Peru, but also to other regions that need modern technologies for the neutralization and disposal of solid domestic and medical waste.

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