Saudi Arabia has identified the waste management as top priority in the recent year, this decision came due to exponential increase in population growth. At the moment, Saudi Arabia is producing 53 million tons of waste every year; but this figure is expected to reach 106 million tons in 2023.  About half of this waste is coming fr om the metropolitan cities of Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. Saudi Arabia has worked a plan for reducing the impact of this problem. The waste will be directed to recycling plants and waste to energy plants to reduce the amount of landfill. It estimates that Saudi Arabia will require over 1,300 treatment facilities and landfills to treat 106 million tons of waste.  

Since 2018, the specialists of the Eco-Spectrum Company have been establishing contacts with the representative offices of Saudi Arabia. «Eco-Spectrum» started working with Saudi Arabia in 2019, where various companies across the globe were evaluated by a committee, in order sel ect the most qualified manufacturer for supplying thermal waste disposal equipment. Followed by rounds of selections and number of visits fr om the potential manufacturers to Saudi Arabia and from the committee to the factories of shortlisted manufacturers, Eco-spectrum was the preference of the committee among its European and Chinese competitors.

In light of the above, «Eco-Spectrum» has made the first step at the early stage to contribute to the resolution of this issue by supplying mobile medical waste treatment units that can be used in cities and in ruler areas due to ease of transport, next step is to make a contribution towards the larger facilities needed by the government to fight the waste problem. This month «Eco- Spectrum» has shipped two incinerators to Saudi Arabia; HURIKAN 150 in a container and a standard VOLKAN 150. The HURIKAN150 incinerator is also complemented by an automatic waste loading system and a liquid waste supply system. Both installations are aimed at the enterprise of the medical sector for further disposal of medical waste, solid household waste, solid municipal waste, biological and liquid household waste.

The amount of treated waste at the thermal waste disposal units HURIKAN 150 and VOLKAN 150 can reach up to 190 kg/.
In the coming years, Eco-spectrum’s contribution towards resolving Saudi Arabia waste issue will not only be limited to the large incineration complexes, but also will include supply of sorting plants to sort MSW with a range of usable outcomes such as recyclable plastic and metals, in addition to compost. The final goal lies into not only reducing the amount of burial and extracting useful material from waste, but also to benefit from the ecological solutions provided by Eco-spectrum by equipping the waste sorting and incineration complex with an electricity generating system that will be able to supply electricity to the nearby locations.

DSC_0303 копия2 1200.jpgфото 1200.jpgshipment of waste disposal equipment