Eco-Spectrum team uses a flexible approach in solving logistics tasks for the supply of incinerators abroad. Despite the difficult time, in June 2022, Eco-Spectrum LLC shipped the Hurikan 1000 Installation with Gas Cleaning System for Thermal Neutralization and Disposal of Medical Waste to United Arab Emirates.

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We had a chance to find the solution of strategic tasks related to the rapidly changing geopolitical situation - to change the approach globally in the face of sanctions and disrupted logistics chains, to review existing solutions and to develop new approaches working towards export. New economic conditions, shortage of vessels and disrupted logistics routes are a difficult task for the implementation of supplies to international markets, but these difficulties have allowed us to gain new experience in establishing export supplies.

The availability of our own technologies, highly qualified engineering and production staff, as well as a high level of management provides advantages for all our clients in the form of professional support in selection of technology and equipment, especially for regions faced with a large number of unauthorized landfills, an undeveloped sector in the field of waste processing and a large amount of waste from the medical cluster.

Eco-spectrum is concerned about solving problems with waste generated, which is the immediate mission of Eco-Spectrum.
In UAE, projects are currently being developed to incinerate non-recyclable household waste generated in the form of tailings after sorting, which is a promising solution to reduce the disposal of large volumes of waste at landfills and creates an opportunity for UAE to achieve the climate goal (reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from landfills) by 2050.

In addition, the generation of electricity from the incinerator is a priority issue for us, since the use of the generated heat during waste incineration will be a plus in the conditions of autonomous operation of the equipment.

Currently, we have installed the HURIKAN 1000 incinerator with a gas purification system to prevent harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The HURIKAN 1000 chamber type unit with gas purification system - is a high-tech waste disposal equipment, one of the installations for waste disposal produced by Eco-Spectrum, and has a burning rate of up to 1000 kg/h for an average caloric content.


  1. Sheet metal thickness – increases the service life of the incinerator (8 mm).
  2. Stiffeners in the form of thick – walled channels with frequent arrangement along the equipment body - during transportation and movement, a high degree of rigidity ensures the safety of the lining layer. Furthermore, increasing the rigidity of the entire structure, this parameter is important during operation, since thermal deformation of the body occurs during heating and cooling.                                                                                                                    Без заголовка2.jpgБез заголовка.jpg
  3. Lining materials with different densities to protect metal structures from exposure to high temperatures, as well as to reduce heat loss and reduce fuel consumption (materials have different weights, different thermal conductivity, which primarily ensures the safety of operation)
  4. Аrched grates, provide resistance to mechanical and temperature loads (reinforced with lateral support and increased support area).
  5. Technology to ensure high corrosion resistance and increase the service life of the equipment - all elements of the housing are sandblasted, after which the housing is prepared for the application of soil, and then painted with high-temperature resistant paints, enamels.
  6. Automation of the incinerator control based on a programmable logic controller, programmable by our own department of instrumentation and control systems and automated process control systems allow:
  • to control (turn off/on) the torch of the burner device locally from the control panel;
  • to control the incinerator and gas cleaning from one control panel, monitor, adjust the main parameters of operation;
  • the presence of warning of a light and sound alarm, a light and sound column of an emergency condition of equipment, visual alarm indicating the position of loading hatches, notifications on the shutdown of burner devices when opening the loading hatch lid, displaying the position of loading hatches, functions of remote opening of the loading hatch, functions of registration and archiving of operational values for monitoring the operator, the presence of a function of constant monitoring of electrical voltage, preventing disconnection in case of overloads or short circuits with the output of relevant information on the operator panel screen, the presence of a voltage frequency monitoring function, the presence of an SMS notification function in the presence of GSM connection, a color display with the touch panel function and a duplicate PLC keypad provide a high level of safety and ease of operation;
  • the presence of color visualization with 3D images of individual nodes on the operator's screen, fuel monitoring functions in liters, the presence of a dispatching function on the remote-control panel, as well as the possibility of using flue gas pressure sensors in the combustion chamber and afterburning secondary gas chamber, providing output values on the control panel screen warning of equipment overload and the possible presence of detonation are an improvement in operational characteristics of the equipment.

       7. The gas cleaning systems of the HURIKAN 1000 unit allow the neutralization and coagulation of flue gases from the mechanical particles (dust)                             contained therein with water droplets. Components of the gas cleaning system:


  • TYPHOON series scrubber (TYPHOON) – provides cleaning of gases from mechanical and chemical impurities.
  • bypass – a device designed to remove flue gases in the event of emergency situations or unplanned shutdown.
  • drop catcher – designed for post-cleaning after the TYPHOON scrubber in order to remove excess droplet moisture. The bearing parts of the drop catcher are made of rolled metal in accordance with the requirements for the design documentation carried out by the in-house expert specialists of Eco-Spectrum LLC.
The advantage of the installations produced by Eco-Spectrum LLC is the software of the automatic control system, which includes software and hardware protection against unskilled actions of personnel that can lead to violations of the technological regime;

The use of cable channels for laying wires, fuel lines ensure safety and reliability during the operation of equipment, completely eliminating the possibility of exposure to them;

The use of a control panel with a quick-release connection ensures a high speed of bringing into working position after transportation, as well as easy replacement in case of failure.

The equipment supplied by Eco-Spectrum  is manufactured and designed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, and also complies with the requirements of the European Union.