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The company "Eco-Spectrum" shipped a mobile installation of the chamber type HURIKAN 150

On July 26, 2022, the HURIKAN 150 chamber type installation was shipped in a container. The installation is made as standard, due to the container design, the mobility of the installation is ensured, which allows not only to transport the incinerator by land, air and sea, but also to operate it directly at the place of occurrence of waste, including on a sea vessel.

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The thermal recycling plant manufactured by Eco-Spectrum is suitable for an operation of up to 20 hours per day, with a burning rate of 150 kg/hour on nominal waste. In addition, the installation is ideal for waste disposal both at industrial enterprises and at spontaneous landfills. Therefore, this incinerator is ideal for the disposal of hazardous waste during emergencies in hard-to-reach places.

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Eco-Spectrum LLC produces incinerators in 20- foot and 40-foot sea containers. The complete set of installations, added features as well as constantly different combination of complexes for the neutralization and disposal of waste, can be offered depends on the waste that needs to be destroyed and client requirements. This guarantees the best performance and ensure the rational use of technological resources of thermal neutralization and waste disposal plants.