Waste management is becoming increasingly challenging in Latin America. In this regard, waste disposal in these countries needs high-tech solutions. As part of this mission, Eco-Spectrum successfully delivered the first batch of incinerators to Peru. The basis has been laid for the further development of cooperation between our company and Peru in the field of waste management.

The specialists of Instrumentation and Automated Control Systems Department and Export Department remotely organized commissioning works in real time: installation of the control panel, adjustment of temperature sensors, complete assembly of the incinerator unit. For the convenience of our clients, all briefings were conducted by full-time foreign trade staff in Spanish and English.

In addition, the specialists have developed and created a video training in Spanish on incinerator and its components assembly for Spanish-speaking audience.

The market entry to Peru became possible due to participation and win in the international tender for the thermal disposal of medical waste. Only companies with certified equipment that meets all international standards, were allowed to participate in the tender.

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Eco-Spectrum products comply with all advanced international standards in the production and operation of high-tech equipment specified in Directive 2008/98 / EC of the European Union, that is confirmed by the Certificate of the State Ecological Expertise, Certificates of Compliance with International Standards CE No. 211299358, ISO 14001 and ISO Certificates 9001:2015, EGS Certificate.

Currently Eco-Spectrum products are widely known outside the Russian Federation and are represented in various countries of the world, including Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan.

Despite the complex geopolitical situation that has a negative impact on logistics, Eco-Spectrum continues to confirm its reputation as a reliable and flexible supplier, taking into account all the interests of customers.