On November 24-25 St. Petersburg hosted the 4th BRICS+ International Forum with more than 3.5 thousand participants from 42 countries.

About 40 thematic sessions where held, including ecological and environmental, where «Eco-Spectrum», represented by the General Director Oktyabrina Shakirovna Devletova, made a presentation on the topic of “hazardous waste disposal technologies”. The report emphasized the relevance and importance of the environmental agenda and the possible economic benefits of proper waste disposal. The topic has caught wide interest among Russian and foreign companies, as well as representatives of government organizations.

The modern approach and expert assessment of the situation allowed Eco-Spectrum to draw attention of the forum participants to the problem of environmental pollution and the ability of safe waste disposal relying on incineration plants. At the same time, the most useful resources obtained during incineration of waste are heat recovery and electricity generation. Besides, all ash residues can be used in road construction and production of composite insulation materials.

Moreover, within the framework of the forum an exhibition was held, where “Eco-Spectrum” presented its technological developments in the field of sorting and thermal utilization of waste, as well as industrial hot water boilers. Representatives of India and South Africa were especially interested in Eco-Spectrum’s equipment and agreed on further cooperation.

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