After negotiations with Serbian partners and consideration of the technical needs of their enterprises, the expert delegation was invited to visit the Eco-Spectrum production facility and see live how high-tech Russian-made installations for thermal waste disposal are being created. The delegation from Serbia included specialists, including professors, representatives of sanitation and epidemiology.
An extensive presentation of the company was held for the guests and told about the advantages of the Eco-Spectrum equipment, including in the context of application within the framework of state support of the Government of the Serbian Republic. Eco-Spectrum specialists conducted a detailed analysis and presented a detailed report taking into account all the needs of Serbian partners.
The company's specialists are designing a complex based on a maximum power incinerator with a combined gas purification system, a water treatment unit and a node for generating electricity, an automatic monitoring system and emission control. This complex is planned to be used for thermal neutralization and disposal of hazardous waste of the second and third hazard classes.
Satisfied and enthusiastic guests, after a two-day excursion, were escorted to their homeland. According to the results of the meeting, all the technical aspects were discussed for the formation of the final technical and commercial proposal.

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