Representatives of Eco-Spectrum held a number of meetings with potential Customers in Saudi Arabia.

 In Saudi Arabia waste disposal has become a priority over the past few years.

In 2019, a memorandum was drawn up to launch comprehensive waste management and recycling activities in Riyadh. It’s purpose is to recycle 81% of the city's solid waste by 2035.

“Eco-Spectrum” LLC has already made several successful supplies to the countries of the Far East. Equipment developed by the company is approved by the National Waste Management Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As part of a new business mission in February this year, the company's specialists met with new partners with ready-made solutions for recycling problems.

The first meeting took place in Dammam. The customer was a large waste recycling operator that has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. The customer needs to dispose of 100 tons of medical and chemical waste daily. The company has already had bad experiences with European suppliers. During the negotiations, representatives of "Eco-Spectrum" showed the Customers with innovative technologies developed by the company's specialists. As a result of the discussion of the technical and commercial details of the project, partners came to an agreement on further cooperation.

Another meeting was held in the industrial zone of Jubail. The Customer's task was to use 80 tons of liquid waste daily. The complication of the solutions discussed is contained in the morphology of the waste. They contain more than 1500 kinds of liquid chemicals of soft components, viscosity and hazard level.

During the negotiations, individual solutions were identified in the supply systems for waste disposal. Also, Eco-Spectrum specialists presented the recovery system for discussion. It can be used effectively for the production of thermal energy received during the neutralization and disposal of waste.

Finally, meetings were held in the capital Riyadh, where Eco-Spectrum was invited as an expert to realization complex projects, such as the customs waste disposal project and many others. The meeting discussed issues of financial and logistical aspects, taking into account the current geopolitical situation.

Eco-Spectrum sees a future in the supply of equipment to the countries of Saudi Arabia in the next three years. The company is ready to help the Kingdom realize its environmental vision for the near future.