At the end of January 2023, Eco-Spectrum submitted an application to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to join the project "Productivity of the Russian Federation", after which our company was selected among the few enterprises of the Krasnodar Territory. On March 06, 2023, we launched a lean manufacturing project with the support of the regional competence center of the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE OF the RUSSIAN FEDERATION

        "This is a unique opportunity for our company, this is what we have been working towards for all these long 12 years, and finally we have the opportunity that will allow us to significantly raise the level of productivity and the quality of our products," says CEO Devletova Oktiabrina at the award and gratitude ceremony.


  The purpose of introducing Lean manufacturing is to rationalize business processes aimed at accelerating and smoothing it by identifying and eliminating (optimizing) processes that do not add value to the product and are the cause of the so-called "hidden losses" of the company's activities. Lean manufacturing involves the involvement of each employee in the optimization process and maximum customer orientation.


"Thanks to Lean manufacturing, we will achieve an improvement in the quality of our work and reduce losses, thus increasing productivity, we will reduce the cost and improve the quality of products, reducing the time of release, that is, the cycle of the production process. This will increase the number of products produced per unit of time, which will make it cheaper and more accessible to customers on the market, which means that our products will gain an even greater competitive advantage and increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole," said Olga Sharipova, the Head of the Lean Manufacturing project.

The first stages were successfully completed with the participation of experts and mentors, consultants and partners of the Department of Labor Productivity, Protection and Promotion of Investments of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Federal and Regional Competence Centers, departments of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. General Director Devletova Oktiabrina Shakirovna thanked Yatsin Alexey Yuryevich for the support and support, in turn, Alexey expressed his opinion in the support of the Eco-Spectrum team

                        : "I want to express my gratitude to all employees of the company for participating and passing the initial stages of training in Lean manufacturing, showing interest and active position, the Company took the 2nd place of honor at the Factory of processes in the Krasnodar Territory among 30 companies participating in the program" -


The Eco-Spectrum company increases labor productivity according to the Toyota production System (Toyota Production System — TPS) is a production system created by Toyota and includes methods used by the enterprise to produce goods and services using various resources [1], and aimed at ensuring defect-free production with a speed corresponding to the needs of consumers, by eliminating losses.