Eco-Spectrum is very pleased to develop its export activities in the field of developing technological solutions for recycling and waste disposal. The global market offers various solutions for recycling waste, but Eco-Spectrum has an absolutely individual approach to each project. We supply equipment all over the world, the company's specialists - engineers, technologists, environmentalists, chemists, production workers work in offices in Russia (Eco-Spectrum Russia) and Turkey (Eco-Spectrum Turkey), where all opportunities are open for the production of equipment with optimized logistics to reduce the final price for the client.   

We are honored by the interest shown in our technologies by the project investors and the Anbar Provincial leadership led by Mr. Tariq Suhail Fahd, with our guarantee that we will be able to implement the waste recycling project in Ramadi, at the construction site of the Juraishi plant in accordance with international requirements and the environment. Anbar (Arabic: الأنبار) is a governorate in western Iraq. It borders Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The administrative center is the city of Ramadi.

           Brief reference

The Eco-Spectrum company was registered in Russia in 2011 and a production unit was opened in Turkey in 2022. In order to provide global environmental solutions for any type of waste, our company has developed a solution for both non-hazardous and hazardous waste. The main activities of Eco-Spectrum LLC     


The project involves the use of two types of technologies: sorting with the selection of a useful fraction, and thermal disposal of the "tails" of sorting. The goal of the project is zero waste disposal. Reduction to zero landfill burial, absence (elimination) of landfills.

The main activities of Eco-Spectrum LLC :

  1 - Incinerators equipped with gas cleaning systems: These systems are specially designed to dispose of hazardous waste that cannot be recycled or used again in an environmentally friendly manner. The idea is to get rid of these wastes by burning them, thus reducing their potential occupancy in the landfill, as well as reducing the degree of hazardous waste. In addition, a specially designed gas sterilization system, according to European Commission standards, will remove hazardous emissions after the combustion process, before the flue gases are sent to the atmosphere.

  2 Waste sorting lines: Eco-Spectrum LLC: produces waste sorting plants with a wide range of automation and performance. The priority task of the waste sorting complex is to extract secondary resources not only in terms of volume, but also in terms of material value . We use the latest technology incorporated into our sorting lines, allowing us to select over 90% of recycled PET, HDPE, waste paper, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our unique screening process produces high quality fuels (low moisture, high calorie RDF/SRF). For further use in ovens. In addition, our sorting equipment offers fine sorters, 0-70 / 80 mm fraction, which usually comprises 50-60% of the waste stream. Our screening process results in a fraction rich in organic matter, ideal for producing technical soil that can be used in factories or to extend the life of landfills (no fertilizer).