From August 23 to 30, 2023, a strategic business mission was held in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

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Eco-Spectrum Company together with the Development Fund of the Krasnodar Region presented trade, economic and technological potential at the site of the Russian Trade Representative Office in Egypt in Cairo.
Representatives of Eco-Spectrum Company met with the Council of Exporters of Egypt and presented their solutions for sorting and recycling (incineration) of waste to the Russian Ambassador in Cairo. The Russian ambassador emphasized the importance of such decisions, given the amount of waste generated in Egypt. The Board was very interested in the solutions offered by Eco-Spectrum, especially in relation to the emerging waste problem in Africa, represented by the Exporters Council.

Ilya Shakalov, General Director of the Krasnodar Territory Development Fund:
“The Russian delegation presented trade, economic, investment, technological, scientific and educational opportunities. Egyptian colleagues are extremely interested in importing Russian agricultural products and biological resources, industrial and technological equipment, animal and poultry feed, innovations in the field of waste processing and disposal, technological and gas equipment. The possibility of concluding preliminary agreements of intent for Russian export supplies worth more than $1,000,000, as well as creating joint Russian-Egyptian enterprises, was discussed.”

The Egyptian senator confirmed his readiness to provide full support to joint international projects that will help strengthen the economy, security, independence and establish friendly relations between countries. Considering that Egypt will become a full member of BRICS on January 1, 2024, such a meeting is especially relevant.
Eco-Spectrum has signed several agency agreements with influential Egyptian companies as a step towards prospering relations between Russia and Egypt, and in order to supply high-quality waste disposal equipment at an affordable price to one of Russia's friendly countries.

From August 28 to 29, 2023, the following took place at the “Rossotrudnichestvo” (Russian collaboration) site in Egypt:
The international educational forum, organized by Kuban State University with the support of the Russian World Foundation (founder of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), hosted bilateral Russian-Egyptian meetings on the topic of scientific, educational, technological and innovative mutually beneficial cooperation, the development of youth policy and public diplomacy.
The event was attended by Consuls General in Alexandria from Russia, China, Turkey, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

 Also, representatives of the Eco-Spectrum company met with a number of companies, such as oil and gas waste management groups, and presented environmental solutions for waste disposal. During active discussions and questions and answers, Eco-Spectrum explained that hazardous waste in most cases can only be disposed of by thermal neutralization using a gas cleaning system that meets international emission standards when it comes to the complex chemical composition of the waste subject to recycling.