Criteria, by which a cremator is selected

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In order to neutralize waste, high temperatures are used. To use the cremator, it is necessary to place biological substances in the hatch, turn on the burner and set the timer required for the model used.

After disposal, you need to let the incinerator cool down, and then clean it from the inside of the ash, which is safe. If you are planning to buy a cremator, pay attention to the following characteristics:

● performance;

● temperature indicators;

● capacity by weight;

● type of fuel required.

The advantage of this type of equipment is ease of use, everyone will be able to cope with the operation. Also, minimization of harm to the environment and at the same time low cost provide an opportunity to purchase products for each enterprise.

Disadvantages are also present, but they are minor. It is necessary to constantly clean the cremator from the ashes. Also, the use of equipment can be a fire hazard, you should be careful.